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Bridge Scaffolding

This gallery contains examples of our bridge scaffold solutions from across NSW.  As a bridge scaffolding expert, Ace Scaffolding Services has a wealth of knowledge and experience from the many bridge scaffolds we've designed and installed.

Regardless of size, budget, and complexity, Ace's specialist bridge scaffolding teams can work with you to provide a solution that meets and/or exceeds the conditions of the scope of work. 

Our team of bridge scaffold experts have developed innovative bridge scaffolding solutions which include, bridge blast and paint scaffold, mobile bridge encapsulation scaffolds, suspended scaffolds below bridge, and scaffolding below bridges on monorails... to name a few.

Our team of bridge scaffold experts can help guide you through the entire process from initial concept of your bridge scaffold solution, through to detailed scaffold design, development of safety methodology, to successful project completion. 

Whether it's for bridge maintenance, bridge construction, or bridge inspection.  Our variety of methods and solutions can be adapted to any bridge access challenge.  With a major focus on adding value for clients and reducing or eliminating risks.  Our team actively aims to develop scaffold methodologies which eliminate risks including working at height risk and manual handling risks.

Contact the team today to learn how we can help your bridge scaffolding project.