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About Ace Scaffolding Services

Part of the Alphasafe Group, Ace Scaffolding Services operates from the Newcastle / Tomago facility and supplies scaffolding to all facets of the construction industry.  Ranging from scaffold hire to owner builders and tradespersons, along with the provision and management of scaffolding solutions for multistage and/or multi-storey commercial developments for national construction companies.

Scaffolding Newcastle
Skilled Workforce


Committed to providing 'Excellence in Access', Ace Scaffolding Services ensures the highest standard of skills.  The Ace workforce is suitably qualified to erect and dismantle a wide range of scaffolding systems.



Ace Scaffolding Services utilises industry leading technologies to add value for clients through real time safety reporting, job tracking, and detailed efficient design.  


Industry Leading Scaffold Technology
Scaffolding Safety Systems


Operating in a 'high-risk' sector, Ace adopts the Hierarchy of Controls principles to make 'elimination' our primary risk control.  Using precision engineered scaffold systems, intelligent methodology, and safety in design practices, we actively aim to eliminate risk.