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Scaffolding Newcastle Town Hall

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16:00 PM

Do you need reliable and cost-effective scaffolding in Newcastle?  Looking for scaffolding for remedial repairs or have a challenging project that needs an expert scaffolding service?  Ace Scaffolding Services can help.  Our local, friendly, and professional team can guide you through the process from initial consultation, through to safe installation, and ongoing regular inspections.

Scaffolding Services in Newcastle

Ace Scaffolding Services was founded in Newcastle in 1990.  We proudly employ many locals and support our local community groups and events.  We understand the local Newcastle market, council and industry procedures, and we provide reliable scaffolding services to all of our local sectors including; events, residential, commercial, civil, industrial maintenance, rail, remedial, and heritage repairs.

Scaffolding for Heritage Repairs of an Iconic Newcastle Landmark

All Newcastle locals will be familiar with our iconic town hall (or city hall).  The building served as the city hall for the Council of the City of Newcastle between 1929 and 1977. It’s located at 289 King Street, and was designed by noted theatre architect Henry Eli White.  The foundation stone was laid by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Dudley de Chair, on 20 April 1928.

Ace Scaffolding Services has supplied scaffolding for remedial building repairs to many Newcastle heritage buildings and structures, but not many as iconic as this.

Scaffolding Hire in Newcastle

Scaffolding hire is one small part of the overall process.  Developing a solution such as this requires careful planning and preparation, scaffolding design, transport, engineering, and installation. 

Our scaffolding hire service is available to any project, big or small.

Ace Scaffold Services’ fleet of scaffold hire equipment is extensive.  This project required approximately 9,500m2 of scaffolding around the main building and 1,000m2 of scaffolding around the clock tower. In total, the project required approximately 550 tonnes of scaffolding.

Engineered Scaffolding for Newcastle’s City Hall

We all know that stone is heavy.  Heritage scaffold projects such as this typically involve stone replacement and therefor have to be designed to withstand high loads.

We all that steel is heavy too. Because this structure was 14m to 40m high, we had to take into consideration significant self-weight, and due to the height, significant wind loads.

Scaffolding Above a Public Entrance

The building remained open during this heritage repair and to maintain unrestricted access for the public and workers at the Town Hall, Ace Scaffolding Services designed an impressive steel beam configuration which clearly spanned the main entrance on 3 sides.

Because of challenging site conditions and obstructions, a variety of other scaffolding techniques were used, including utilising aluminium scaffold beams to span obstructions.

Searching for Scaffolding Newcastle?

If you’re searching for scaffolding Newcastle, for a major project, or a tiny project, we’d love to hear from you.  Our team of scaffolding professionals can guide you through the process.