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Bridge Scaffolding in Hunter Valley

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16:00 PM

Do you need to scaffold around or underneath a bridge?  Have a major project in the Hunter Valley area and need technical scaffolding? Ace Scaffolding Services can help.  Our local, friendly, and professional team can guide you through the process from initial consultation, design, through to safe installation, and ongoing regular inspections.

Scaffolding Services in the Hunter Valley

Ace Scaffolding Services was founded in Newcastle in 1990.  We proudly employ many locals and support our local community groups and events.  We understand the local industry and procedures, and we provide reliable scaffolding services to all of our local sectors including; events, residential, commercial, civil, industrial maintenance, infrastructure maintenance, rail, remedial, and heritage repairs.

Scaffolding for Bridge Repairs in the Hunter Valley

This iconic style bridge was opened on Tuesday 19 January 1904 and was described by the Maitland Weekly Mercury as a "red-letter day in local history as at 12.30pm, Mr John Gillies, M.L.A.  formally declared the bridge open, before a crowd of 700 or 800 people”.

The final cost of the bridge which spans the Hunter River, was £19,734.

The bridge itself measures 278 metres and inclusive of the earthwork approaches, 376 metres. At the time of completion, the steel trusses were the largest erected in NSW with the exception of those in the Hawkesbury Railway Bridge.

Ace Scaffolding Services now forms part of the Alphasafe group.  Alphasafe and Ace have a long track record for designing and supplying impressive scaffold solutions to bridges throughout the Hunter Valley area.

Scaffolding Hire in the NSW Hunter Valley

Scaffolding hire is one small part of the overall process.  Developing a solution such as this requires careful planning and preparation, scaffolding design, transport, engineering, and installation. 

Our scaffolding hire service is available to any project, big or small.

Ace Scaffold Services’ fleet of scaffold hire equipment is extensive and includes a variety of scaffold systems suitable for a variety of site conditions.  Our scaffold hire fleet includes Kwik-stage / Wedge-lock and precision engineered German scaffolding, Layher.

Due to site specific challenges, this project required a technical solution which utilised our Layher scaffolding hire fleet.

Engineered Scaffolding for Bridge Maintenance in the Hunter Valley

Each bridge maintenance scaffold poses unique challenges.  A major challenge with this bridge project was the bridges critical weight restriction.  The bridge is an essential transport link through the Hunter Valley and had to maintain transport access for the duration of the project.  The critical weight restriction on the bridge was determined to be only 18 tonnes.

To overcome this, we could have installed 18 tonnes of scaffolding…and then dismantled 18 tonnes of scaffolding… and then re-installed 18 tonnes of scaffolding… and so on. 

Alphasafe Group is committed to eliminating and reducing risk.  So to reduce exposure to working at height, and to reduce manual handling risks we developed a unique solution that was mobile.

Using intelligently designed mobile devices and a scaffold configuration, our 18 tonne scaffold was able to be moved manually.  Thus, greatly reducing risks, and resulting in a more cost-effective outcome for our client.

Scaffolding Access Above Live Road

The 18 tonnes mobile aspect of the project is an impressive feat, but because the road had to remain open, and due to tight dimensional constraints,  our solution above the road way was also a notable solution.  To eliminate road closures during scaffolding works, and to reduce manual handing, our scaffolding above the road way was also mobile. 

Searching for Scaffolding Hunter Valley or Scaffolding for Major Bridge Project?

If you’re searching for scaffolding Hunter Valley, for a major project, or a tiny project? We’d love to hear from you.  Our team of scaffolding professionals can guide you through the process.