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Public Access Stair Scaffolds now in Newcastle

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16:00 PM

Public Access Scaffold Stairs are now available in Newcastle from Ace Scaffolding Services. 

What are Public Access Stairs?

Did you know that not all scaffolds have to comply with the same codes and standards?  Scaffolds that are intended for construction use must comply with ASNZ 4576 and 1576, whilst scaffolds that are intended for public use must comply with more stringent standards including BCA (Building Code of Australia), and ASNZ 1428 to name a few. 

Public Access Stairs are temporary scaffold stairs that are intended for use by the public.


Public Access Scaffolding 

Public access scaffolds serve a variety of purposes, the most common being:

  • Public Access Stairs
  • Public Access Ramps
  • Public Access Bridge
  • Public Access Viewing Platforms 
  • Public Access Stages



Load rating for public access scaffolds is considerably higher than construction scaffolds due 'crowd loading'.  Crowds of people generate high dynamic loads, especially when moving, running, or jumping.  Due to the uncontrollable nature of crowd loading, load rating of public access scaffolds can be as much as 5kPa or 500kg/m2.