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With an extensive fleet of scaffolding and swing stages Ace provides expert height access solutions, so whether your searching for Scaffolding Newcastle or Swing Stages Newcastle, Ace Scaffolding Services can provide you with an efficient, safe, and cost effective solution.

Swing Stages Newcastle

With a fleet of European, quality engineered swing stages, Ace Scaffolding Services can provide Swing Stage Hire and Swing Stage Installation to project in Newcastle regardless of size. 

There's no swing stage or scaffold project to big or too small.  

Advantages of Swing Stages Suspended Platforms

Because swing stages require fewer parts than a scaffold designed to cover the same working area, swing stages are considerably faster to install and are generally a more cost effective option for certain tasks.  Typical advantages include:

  • Minimal disruption to other trades with the site.
  • Rapid installation times can aid project schedule.
  • Reduced manual handling risks compared to scaffolding.
  • No tying to building required.
  • Reduced labour and transport costs compared to scaffolding.


Scaffolding Newcastle

If a swing stage is not suitable for your project, Ace stocks a large volume of scaffolding and provides an expert scaffolding service to Newcastle and the surrounding region. If you only need to access a small area of the building, and don't want to scaffold the full building from the ground, Ace Scaffolding Services has a variety of options that can eliminate this, including suspending scaffolding from the roof or from a balcony.  This is part of our commitment to adding values for client through reducing costs, and/or improving safety.

Ace has been providing scaffolding to the Newcastle region since 1990.  Ace employs locals and is able to provide scaffold solutions at short notice. 

If you need swing stages in the Newcastle area or are searching for scaffolding Newcastle, contact the team today.