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Public Access Scaffold Stairs

Item Code: 010
Price:  $1.00

Public Access Scaffold Stairs

Item Code: 010
Price:  $1.00
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase

Public Access Scaffold Stairs

Ace Scaffolding Services supplies BCA compliant public access stairs, and other temporary scaffold structures. 

With BCA compliant loading, treads, and guardrails, our temporary public access stairs offer a cost effective option for projects and events that includes public access and public loading.

Public Access BCA Compliant Scaffolding

Our range of public access scaffolds include:

  • Public Access Stairs
  • Public Access Bridges
  • Public Access Ramps
  • Public Access Stages
  • Grandstands

Temporary Stairs BCA Compliant

This project featured x2 public access scaffold stairs and a 20m span BCA compliant public access bridge.

The structure was required to divert students away from construction traffic during redevelopment of a high school.

One public access stair provided access from ground level, with the BCA temporary stairs at the opposite side of the bridge tying in to x2 levels of the existing school building